Thank you Tom. I do the 16/8 for over 6 months now. I read everything that comes across me on intermittent fasting, your article was no exception. I found it easy to get used to 16/8, and beneficial in tangible and intangible ways. Many authors of IF related articles especially scientists praise the autofagy health benefits a lot and consider them ways to prevent cancer and other diseases. In addition to all that — which I hope are real — I found that I am now able to easily experiment with my weight and body fat while I try to build muscle. Using 16/8 I found an equilibrium at my ideal weight while eating as much as I want (mainly vegetarian diet). Every time I want to loose a Kg or two I extend my fasting window to 18 or 20 hours instead of 16. Drinking lots of water helps me, especially every time I am hungry. I do realise though it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

CEO @DigitalMR a tech company in artificial intelligence that has cracked the code of unstructured data.

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