Does Market Research add value to the quality of Human Life?

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  1. Sex
  2. Fulfilment — purpose, self-worth, professional success, achievements
  3. Spirituality — religion and mind stuff
  4. Entertainment — arts and sports
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  1. That is why the commercial transactions on day one will be the food producers selling food so that people can eat to stay alive.
  2. People also need clothes and a place to live and cook the food they bought. So, after the farmers it looks like we need builders, textile manufacturers, tailors and shoemakers.
  3. In our homes we need some convenience, so the furniture and kitchen equipment makers come next.
  4. For all this commerce to happen we need currencies, barter is not good enough for the complexity of the world we live in; this makes the governments and the financial institutions (well not all of them… maybe we can live without hedge funds, PE groups, and stock exchanges) a necessary vertical for all the selling and buying to happen.
  5. Once our bellies are full if we don’t belong to any of the above professions, we start looking around, bored, for something interesting to do. This is where education, healthcare, entertainment and other professions come into the picture.

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