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CEO @DigitalMR a tech company in artificial intelligence that has cracked the code of unstructured data.

8 findings that lead to a different take on the GME saga.

Unstructured data makes up over 95% of all recorded human knowledge.

Consumer online posts integrated with call centre audio and answers to open ended questions from a survey in 3 days.

GameStop is back

Chronological age might soon be irrelevant

Some context first.

An interview with Siamack Salari

2020 Research based on the banking sector

Based on unsolicited customer opinion shared on social media

Where will your business be on day 1 after lockdown and what is the importance of stakeholder engagement during the coronavirus pandemic

Where should we look for leadership and positive change?

When revenues are plummeting as a result of the pandemic!

  1. Market research companies — because my company is one
  2. Brands — because they are clients of market research companies
  3. All individuals — because this answer is helpful to everyone

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