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CEO @DigitalMR a tech company in artificial intelligence that has cracked the code of unstructured data.

8 findings that lead to a different take on the GME saga.

Everyone loves an underdog story, like the classic David and Goliath, or in this case, GameStop and Melvin Capital. Even if you’re not involved in investing, chances are that you heard about the GameStop story, which started on a Reddit community called Wallstreetbets, went viral and spread like a wildfire.

The story started with Gamestop ($GME) but then many other listed companies became part of the same saga i.e. …

may I add to the list? its specific USP is client data can be ingested and integrated with social media posts and it commits to annotation accuracies above 90% given enough training data.

Same or Different?

Social Listening, Social Analytics, and Social Intelligence — do they mean the same thing or do they describe different disciplines?

Quite a few pundits have discussed this question in their articles, blogs, and essays. The most controversial of the three is social intelligence; if you Google it you will find its Wikipedia definition on first position explaining that it is “the capacity to know oneself and to know others”.

Of course, the alternative definition, the one that was coined after social media monitoring and analytics became popular only appears on page four of Google search — which you would only…

Unstructured data makes up over 95% of all recorded human knowledge.

It was a lightbulb moment during lockdown; a few days after the team completed a piece of work, it suddenly hit me. Online posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, news, reviews and videos were fused with call centre audio files and survey verbatims in just 3 days, done for the first time and done right. Albeit from very different sources, involving both solicited and unsolicited opinion, this data had something in common — it was all unstructured data.

Consumer online posts integrated with call centre audio and answers to open ended questions from a survey in 3 days.


GameStop is back

After we published our social intelligence sample report and associated blog post on the GameStop Saga at the beginning of February, things started to cool down on the subject. It was one of those events that got a lot more attention than its fair share, mainly because it captured the imagination of the little guy fighting the establishment, or simply because of social media and other online fora disproportionately amplifying the noise.

The stock price of $GME dropped from a high of US$347.51 on January 27th down to US$40.59 by February 19th; then something peculiar happened!

On Wednesday February 24…

Chronological age might soon be irrelevant

As I write this, I am 56 years old, white, heterosexual, male without any disabilities; my cohort could be the absolute definition of non-diversity if only 56 years of age was considered to be …not old!

Theoretically, I could soon become a discrimination victim of ageism (has not happened yet)…unless if I could stop or even reverse my aging process.

Some context first.

I grew up in a village on the highest mountain range of an island in the Mediterranean sea. My school education was heavily biased towards the values of the Greek Orthodox Church. …

An interview with Siamack Salari

Back in April, I spoke with Siamack Salari — a leading expert in ethnographic research — about his innovative idea to research current everyday life situations during the Covid-19 pandemic, in an attempt to connect people. Only now I thought of sharing it on Medium as well, so here it is….better late than never! I hope you will find value in reading this even if it is shared 5 months after the interview was done.

Siamack spoke to me about this idea that took shape into a website called Not Everyday Life.

MM: Hello Siamack, thank you for agreeing to…

2020 Research based on the banking sector

Trust in the financial services industry has been eroded throughout the coronavirus crisis.

A recent social intelligence report compiled by DigitalMR analysed customer sentiment and conversation drivers amongst 11 leading global banks during the period of February 2018 to April 2020, and found customer relationships hit an all-time low during the peak of the pandemic, leaving banks with a huge mountain to climb in order to rebuild their rapport.

In today’s world breaming with challenger banks, dissatisfied customers can switch provider literally with the click of a button and, if banks are to turn things around, they must rethink their…

Based on unsolicited customer opinion shared on social media

When we are finally on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, several key sectors will be remembered positively for the way they took charge and handled the crisis, from healthcare to supermarkets and logistics companies.

Banks, on the other hand, are unlikely to fare as well in the eyes of consumers. A social intelligence report compiled by DigitalMR analysed customer sentiment amongst 11 leading global banks during the period of February 2018 to April 2020 and found customer relationships hit an all-time low during the peak of COVID-19.

In today’s digital world, dissatisfied customers can switch provider with the…

Where will your business be on day 1 after lockdown and what is the importance of stakeholder engagement during the coronavirus pandemic

Described as ‘unlike anything seen in peacetime’, the coronavirus outbreak has truly turned our world upside down and has caused serious hardship for businesses around the world in the process.

The crisis will be one of the biggest tests companies will face and, now more than ever, they will need the trust and support of their stakeholder groups as they struggle to cope with the new reality.

Businesses need to consider what happens not just today, but tomorrow…

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